Wednesday, June 21, 2017

War in the Window

Way back in 2001, I helped to organize a game being played in the display window of a local game shop.

With the recent re-organization of my office/work space I came across copies of the rules and some other documents about this game.

So here I share a few of them and some frame grabs from the video that we made.

Lord of Light in action

the infamous group - the Mummies

a wider-angle shot of the battle

Front Gates of the Castle
The rules were dead simple:

Each troop has their own card, here are a few of them:

I had taken shots of the miniatures borrowed for the game and mixed with my own to fill out the units.

I made up a deck of spell cards, to make the 'magic' work.

Finally there was a summary card to tell the story of the game and left in the window for an extra week.

It was a neat few months of game demonstrations.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


The anniversary of June 14 marks 371'st of the Battle of Naseby

Monday, May 01, 2017

Hundred Days

I had the opportunity to present the whole of the Hundred Days at my son's school, working with a Grade 12 Military History class.

 With only four hours to run the whole game it was a non-stop run of actions and count-actions on the part of the three main commanders.

start map

the French only have a 'hint' of where the allies are ...

no matter to the French who devised a 1-2 punch process, where Grouchy was on the right flank going up the center towards Brussels and drawing as much early fire as possible, while Ney and Bonaparte delayed for the morning of the 15th of June, then hit hard on the road to Ghent.

Grouchy did his job well and ended up surrounded at Waterloo

Utterly crushed by both Anglo-Dutch and Prussian forces

There were no survivors

The victors then had the difficult job of re-organizing and re-deploying their armies to the flank in time to intercept Bonaparte

Ultimately, Uxbridge was unable to delay the advance of Bonaparte

Massive forces trapped Uxbridge at Ghent, then delivered a 35% loss to those forces in a forced river crossing

Wellington and Blucher were unable to reach the French main body as flank guard forces were dispatched to delay their columns
All the players were impressed with the system and the visual impact drew in many observers during the lunch break period
No word yet from the Military History teacher, I am hoping for an opportunity at a repeat performance next year?

Squad Leader mini game ONLINE

A really neat online tool for Squad Leader.

Click the link to play.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

InCon 2017 Comox Valley

The busy April wound up with another games even, InCon in Courtenay.

Friday Night has an opening ceremony with 'advertisements' about the games coming over the weekend, here the Star Wars game is promoted.
I had been asked to run more historical minis demonstrations, and went out to do a big support for my son's Star Wars game:

the Interdictor project as it appeared at the end of March
I could not share anything about this project as we wanted the appearance of the Interdictor Goliath to come as a shock to the players in the game.

IT WORKED out so well!

Snoopy and the Red Baron face off again in a light-hearted Friday night game
The Batman of Victoria had an Adam West version and a sense of humor to go with it!

More fun pics around the Tardis?!?
I ran a Victory Without Quarter game in the morning on Saturday, this time Alpia won the engagement:

Jeff's Alpian Wars were popular enough to be requested on Sunday!
Then it was time for that Star Wars game to roll.

setup as the 'breaching pod' moves in ...

impact on one of the gravity well generators

damage effects included lighting as well, the blue bridge lights turned out well

Nebulon-B in some trouble ...

the Interdictor was forced to retreat into hyperspace by the demolition team

Games crew!
It was fun to be all in a game with all three of my boys when they had other options to play.

Then Saturday evening came the Warr Without an Enemie game that I ran:

We setup a map based loosely on the 1643 battlefield of Marston Moor and rolled up a pair of armies, done to showcase the speed and flexibility of the game system.



to the left the Parliament had to move into the center of the field and push the Royalists, on the top right, off the road

lines of Parliament got formed to hammer at the town

though orders were given to march to firing range, the terrain did a lot of disruption (due to poor die rolls) of the Parliament in moving forward

at a critical moment the Royalists roared out to battle and hit the Parliament lines hard sending many scattering away

the Parliament lines on the left were solid until the Parliament horse were broken in front of them and then the artillery began to hit them hard...
A Royalist victory, though not without great losses among the Cavaliers that rode out to the van and into the enclosed fields ...

Sunday saw opportunity to get some photos and run another game of Alpian Wars:

a quick re-set of the table and Victory Without Quarter was back in action

Alpia had the hard task of coming into the land via the forest defilade

while Stagonia chose to set up with horse in the center and foote on the wings

battle was at a measured pace

leaving time for some photos
Then a gap came to quickly setup the Interdictor in damaged mode for a full set of photos:

many of the models are seen here

the damaged sections are featured

one dome was not 'damaged' as it would need more foam domes than we could afford

the one damaged was plenty for the game

the ship's decks were set with metal base stands painted in with camouflage of the rest of the deck so that smoke or flames could be attached via magnets

the damaged dome was loaded with magnets and had lights inside to enhance the 'hollow' effect

all in all the project turned out well and the ship will see future action(s) at Games and Grounds in Courtenay
Many thanks to Kelsey for helping to realize the "Project Interdictor", I hope she gets to game with it more at Games and Grounds.
Alpian Wars resumed

a busy action all over the table with neither side really gaining advantage

till the Vile Stagonian Knights got in a hard thrust against Alpian horse

while the foot of both sides wore each other out

Good end to the InCon events with a full game played to resolution with no hurry up to finish.